The script allow you to Import videos from Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion Channels (Manually & Automatically).

To Add a channel you have many options to select from :

Field Description
Channel Name Choose a name for the channel to distinguish it from other channels. You can simply name it as Original Channel Name.
Video Site Choose which site this channel belong. available options are : YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion
Channel Url an absolute link to the channel in the video site.
Category the category that the imported videos will assigned to.
Videos State
  • Published : Imported videos will be published directly.
  • Draft : Imported videos will be saved in (Need Review) Section and you must publish it manually.
Videos Number Per Grab number of media items imported each time you click the import button or run cronjob.

Field Description
Auto Update Channel if you are using cronjob check this option to import videos from this channel automatically when cronjob run.
Auto Update Period if you checked the previous option (Auto Update Channel) you have to select the time period between each grab. for example : if you select 6 hours the script won't import videos for this channel automatically if the time between last import and now was less than 6 hours.

Channels Maximum Number of items per Grab is 50 Items Because Youtube API and DailyMotion API don't allow more.
Vimeo API Allow only 20 items Per Grab.
By Clicking on channel name you will get all videos from this channel with the ability of importing or deleting Videos.
By Clicking on Items Number you will get all Imported videos from this channel.
When you delete channel, all related Videos will be deleted.