Option Description
Site Url an absolute link to the script folder.
if you have installed the script in the ROOT Folder just add the domain name eg : http://www.site.com
if you have installed the script in a sub-folder you need to add the full path end with slash / eg : http://www.site.com/folder/
Site Name a name of your site. Required for SEO Purposes.
SEO Keywords site related keywords separated by comma (,). Required for SEO Purposes
SEO Description the site description. Required for SEO Purposes
Site Language choose the language that you want script to display content with.
Site Theme choose theme for appearance purpose.
Include Categories in Sitemap ? if you checked this the script will generate a sitemap for categories.
Number of Items per Sitemap ? the number of news per sitemap when the number is more than selected number the script will generate more sitemaps sitemap-2.xml, sitemap-3.xml ... etc.
Default is : 10000
Number Of Items In RSS Page how many news and videos want to display in RSS Page.
Default is : 10