Field Description
Enable Contact Page ? all mail setting are related to contact page. if you choose to disable it then you don't need to edit another options in this page.
Reciption E-Mail the E-Mail Address where messages will be sent to.
Send Mail Method Has two options :
PHP Mail Function : which is the simplest way but it isn't reliable that much.
SMTP : it is more advanced and reliable but you need to insert it's options.
E-Mail if you choose PHP Mail Function you should insert the sender email.
SMTP Host if you choose SMTP you need to insert this option.
you can use your host as mail provider or you can use or even you can use an advanced service such as
for your server use : or where is your site domain.
SMTP Port the port used to send messages using SMTP
it may be 21 or 26 for your server.
SMTP Username your email address.
SMTP Password your email's password.

E-Mail used for sending messages Must not be the same as E-Mail used for reception.