If this installation failed, you can install the database manually.
the SQL file is attached with the script and located at sql folder.

the default admin details are :
Username : admin
Password : demo

After uploading files, creating database and editing config.php file, now it's time to start the installation :

Go to http://yoursite.com/install/install.php

First Screen that you will get is the welcome screen that has some instructions.

Second step is checking the database connection. if the script warning you that there is no connection to database then you should edit the config.php file and Insert correct details then click on Check Again if everything is OK you will continue to the next step.

Install Database Tables : the script has 9 Tables and all of them are necessary to script in order to work :

  • admin
  • advertisements
  • categories
  • links
  • news
  • news_votes
  • options
  • pages
  • polls
  • polls_answers
  • polls_votes
  • sources
  • weather

In addition the script install the default options rows in the options table and some cities with weather code as Weather Demo.

Configurations : the script has too many options to configure but in the install process you need to configure only the basic options such as :

  • Site Url : an absolute path to the script location

    if the script is uploaded to the ROOT Folder you have to insert the website url : http://www.site.com only.
    if the script is uploaded to sub-folder then you need to add the sub-folder too to ending with slash : http://www.site.com/sub-folder/
  • Site Name
  • Site Language
  • Site Theme

Last Step : this screen has some instructions with dashboard link to login as admin and admin login details to manage the script.