You Can add unlimited number of sources.

To Add a source you must enter Source name and Source URL.

Field Description
Source Name a distinguished name for the source that let you know what site is this. for example : Goal, BBC .. etc.
Source Url RSS Link for this site which the news will be imported from.
Category You should choose category or sub-category which the imported news will categorized under it.
Items Number Per Grab how many news items want to import each time you click grab button or your server run cronjob.
News State
  • Published : Imported News will be published directly.
  • Draft : Imported News will be saved in (Need Review) Section and you must publish it manually.
Thumbnail If you upload thumbnail it will be the default image when imported article has no images.
If you leave it blank the default image will set to no-image

Field Description
Banned Words You choose to remove some words from imported article content.
Separate between words by a comma (,) for example : fuck,shit,ass
Strip HTML Tags ? You can enable or disable removing HTML tags from imported content.
Allowable HTML Tags If you choose to Strip HTML Tags from article content you have the choice to exclude some important tags that you won't to be stripped.

Field Description
Auto Update Source ? Auto Update Source work only when you setup cronjob from CPanel.
Auto Update Period The Period between each Auto Grab. it is affected by CPanel cronjob period

Field Description
Has a Referal Suffix ? checking this option means that articles from this source has a refferal suffix which is used for affliate or any other purpose.
Referal Suffix the suffix added at the end of this source news links.
for example : ?ref_id=wpsup

When you delete source, all related news will be deleted.